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We are digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia. From Web and App Development to Graphic Designing and SEO, our forte lies in all things digital. We work across several industries from construction, hospitality and education to health care, museums and finance.

Our Expertise
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Web Development

Our main area of expertise is developing smooth, secure and scalable web applications and systems, including everything from design and architecture to implementation and maintenance.


Mobile Development

We Expertise native and cross-platform applications using the latest technologies and solid know-how in surrounding areas such as app store requirements and deployment pipelines


Cloud and DevOps

We are all about smooth pipelines and automated everything when Expertiseing secure, robust and scalable cloud solutions where your apps will thrive.


Concept & Design

It all starts with a good idea, and before putting it between the brackets we assist in refining your concept and perfecting the user experience so nothing gets left to chance.


Quality Assurance

Automated, manual and everything in between - when it comes to testing and ensuring there are no surprises waiting at launch day we have the right tools and processes for you.


Product Management

Our product managers in Sweden and Sri Lanka are there to make sure your system requirements are aligned with your product vision and business targets.

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import   { dag4 }   from   'stardust-collective/dag4' ;
dag4.account. connect ({
 networkVersion : '2.0',
 testnet :  true
dag4.account. loginPrivateKey( 'MY-PRIVATE-KEY')
const  toAddress  = 'DAGabc123...';
const  amount  = 25.551;
const  fee  = '0;
awit  dag4.account. transferDag (toAddress, amount, fee);

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