7 Best Online Travel Communities

It is true that Tripadvisor, Frommer, and Lonely Planet are some of the best online tourist destinations, but they are not the only ones in the middle of a big trip. Expand your travel city and check out the 7 best cities on the radar:

1. Travel

From YouTube to Hulu to Yahoo, the same has been put on video. The passengers took him to the president and created a video tour city.

Go online and you will see 10,000+ people who have uploaded travel videos to view their reviews, share their feedback, and inspire your future travels. Want to visit the Great Wall of China? Traveling on the top of Everest?

2. Igogo

Yesterday’s travel city, where you can organize your trip, take a flight to a hotel, and share your travel experience with the world.

Type the form and you will be linked to the photo, review, and staff who traveled or stayed there. When you are ready to go, create your own travel document and respond to the city by sharing your travel experience.

3. Listen up

Small city tour with lots of travel services, perfect travel to organize fruit on all of us. Simply enter your flight, hotel, and destination to make your trip perfect for you in seconds. Don’t forget another plane or train.

For all those who need it, upgrade to the pro version and want to tell you automatically if there are any changes or delays in your travel plans.

4. Doppler IV

Create a map with date and location;

Along the way, you will find a lot of information describing the situation, so you know where you are, where to eat, and what to do. We had the idea of   traveling and we loved it.

5. Traravabadi

Travbody has everything you need to create a community without online travel; Helpful meetings, honest research, amazing travel photos, and dedicated staff for 1.5 million people.

Travbuddy stands out as a blogging platform, allowing you to write news, photos, and commentary on an ongoing basis. There is even a pre-designed plan that maps your travel map as you navigate the land.

Everywhere you go, he is a friend you never want to leave.

6. Travel destination

In addition to being a great place to plan, book, and share your next trip, Point Travelers has one of the best web travel tips. Wiki of travel guide.

This travel guide is 100% designed and edited, bringing the wisdom and travel experience to over 250,000 members at your fingertips. From city tours and guide to health and safety information, you will find everything you need to know before you go.

7. Dodo Travel

DODO Travel takes travel levels and shows them a fun, easy-to-understand, no-frills journey.

Want to know the best restaurants, hotels and attractions to avoid in France? Just click on the interactive map and you will get a list of where you want to post your list (not travel), so you can use your vacation wisely.

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