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With the increasing number of business trips, companies are realizing that better price management systems can make a difference.

SSH Business cost more than $143 billion in 1994, according to a new study by American Express Business Travel Management. The private sector invests about $ 2,484 per employee in travel and vacation time, an increase of 17% over the last four years.

T-E costs, which are now the third most costly after data processing and sale, are under further scrutiny. Investors know that at least 1 percent or 2 percent can add at least a million dollars.

The conservation gained in this case must have been of management interest for the nature of this type of work. Participation begins with understanding and considering controls to analyze and effectively manage them.

Job management includes providing services to the travel department, setting up procedures to measure the quality of old-fashioned travel services, as well as organizing and distributing travel rules. Only 64% of US companies have travel forecasts.

Even with the support of managers, the safe route is just one of three companies that can develop programs that will help reduce travel costs, as well as many aspects of complex travel that many companies are unaware of. place to start. Stephen R. Schoen, founder and president of Global Group, said, “The travel industry relies on knowledge, until a passenger rushes to board a ship, they buy that knowledge.”

If so, this may seem like a good place to start. Roger H. Ballou, president, American Express Travel Services Group, said, “Technology and business intelligence helps companies manage their autonomous capabilities to manage and reduce [travel] costs. In addition, many companies service enters a high-level program that includes advanced system maintenance and restructuring to improve T&E management systems and reduce costs.

While companies are turning to technology to determine their finances, they can innovate in the way they work.

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But all that changed in November 1992 when the DOT decision gave the public access to systems like Apollo and SABER. Built-in management software, such as TripPower and TravelNet on the ground, gives customers an idea of   where T and E. spending is spent.

“Once you have this information, you don’t have to go back to where you started every time you decided to change companies,” says Marie Savofy Stevens, director of travel at large biotech company Chiron Corp.

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Travel without a ticket runs faster than an unlicensed office has, as employers and retailers work together to reduce ticket prices for business travelers. Perhaps the highest-grossing airline is the “no-ticket” airline, which almost all airlines have tested.

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The practice by companies promoting business travel planning has not been successful since 1982. Currently, almost three out of four companies plan to go where they sell from one home employment, compared to 51% in 1988 Two major benefits for TE unit members Easy accounting and TE budgeting, as well as the benefits of negotiating future financial incentives.

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